Video and Live Video for Professionals (quick course)

What you need to know and do after hitting the "record" or "go live" button!

  • Video and Live Video Allow You To Look People In The Digital Eyeballs

    There is no better way to connect and build relationships than video and live video. The problem is, most professionals go about using video the wrong way.

  • Avoid the Biggest Mistakes

    I show you how to avoid the most common mistakes professionals make when using live video. I also share tips that will help you empower your audience to take action.

    Please note this IS NOT a course about cameras and lighting. IT IS a course about how you need to behave and act to connect with and empower your audience.

  • Live Video Can Build Your Brand

    Video, and especially live video, have allowed me to expand my brand from local to global. Use these approaches and techniques to "connect" with potential clients and customers to do the same thing.

Course curriculum (about 45 minutes)

I share my approach to video and live video in this text and video course (mini-course)


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Ready to "Connect" Using Video and Live Video?

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